City Of Vancouver Collective Agreement 2020

September 14, 2021 at 9:47 am

24.1 By mutual agreement between the head of department and the employee, the employee may collect compensatory leave for work that exceeds eight (8) hours per normal day or for work performed on the scheduled day off or a general holiday. As of January 1, 2016, the employer agrees to contribute one cent (01¢) per hour for all compensated hours into a special fund to fund the Unifor Paid Education Leave (PEL) program. On January 1, 2020, the employer agrees to pay an amount of two cents (0.02¢) per hour to the special fund for all paid hours. The trade union agrees to examine, on an individual basis, the granting of derogations in terms of working time and the timing of the collective agreement, where such derogations promote training in the workplace and the person concerned agrees. VANCOUVER, Sep. 19, 2019 /PR/ – This week, the City of Vancouver and Local 1004 of the Union of Canadian Public Employees (CUPE), which represents outside city employees and Vancouver Parks Board staff, opened collective bargaining in the first of many such negotiations taking place this fall on BC`s south coast. The union identified affordability as a key topic in the negotiations. 2.1 The Company recognizes the Union as an exclusive negotiator for all employees in the bargaining unit, as defined in the decision of the Labour Relations Council of Canada of October 20, 2011 and amended from time to time or amended by agreement between the parties. The bargaining unit consists of: 15.1.1 Where a worker is engaged in a function other than full-time and is subsequently assigned to full-time employment in the classification assigned to him, his probation period shall be reduced by the time already spent in that classification, but in no case for workers who do so, but in no case at a period of two (2) months for workers, who do, do not perform tasks in the air and four (4) months for employees who perform tasks online. In the absence of agreement on the adequacy of the new classification or on the level of wages, either Party may refer the matter to an arbitrator referred to in this Agreement. The arbitrator shall have the jurisdiction of an interest arbitrator and shall make a final decision on the matter, notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement that would otherwise limit the powers of the arbitrator. (c) If the Company intends to schedule one employee for ten (10) hours of visits or to return to eight (8) hours of visits, the Employee shall be notified no later than twenty-four (24) calendar days before the first day of the change. It is recognized that certain circumstances may arise in the event of a commercial emergency or unexpected absence if such notice is not feasible.

In such cases, the notice period may be reduced by mutual agreement between the parties to ten (10) working days, if this is reasonable. 39.5 It is expressly agreed that the use of an employee`s car in the performance of the company`s activities is not mandatory and that he may object to this under normal circumstances. However, in an emergency, an employee`s consent to the use of their car is not inappropriately denied. 26.2 Absence due to illness or incapacity for work may not interrupt an employee`s leave credits or health and social security benefits under this Agreement After the publication of a calendar, the days of leave shall not be changed, unless mutually agreed between the employee and the company. If the schedules are published four (4) weeks in advance following a change in the schedules provided for in article 28.2, the days of leave may be modified up to ten (10) calendar days before the start of the new calendar. . . .