Cu Medicine Member Practice Agreement

September 16, 2021 at 9:08 am

To complete your membership after online registration, you must meet personally with a membership advisor to meet the following conditions: reference to data protection practices, health questionnaires, exemption from liability, proof of membership (if applicable), affiliation agreement and membership photo. 3 CU Medicine Contracts 4 Types of contracts go through CU Medicine:Consulting Contracts: These are agreements on counselling services provided to a for-profit institution (typically) inviting the faculty member to provide intellectual advice or an opinion on matters directly related or not to patient care. As a rule, payment is made only for the duration of a faculty member and is based on a fixed rate (unlike reimbursable costs or percentages of salary) Clinical contracts: agreements with the exception of managed care contracts, especially when the faculty member provides patient care Administrative contracts: agreements in which the faculty member provides administrative contracts (i.e. director of a new clinic, laboratory director) Med Legal Cont Racts support: contracts in which the faculty member provides support to a legal proceeding New faculty members with clinical responsibilities are contacted by CU Medicine to sign the MPA. New faculty members who do not have clinical responsibilities must also sign an MPA that will be attached to their letter of offer.