Dal Residence Agreement

December 6, 2020 at 3:30 pm

You must submit all posters and advertisements for approval to the Office of the Director of The Life Residence before displaying them, including all posters of the residential council. Students at King`s have access to all amenities in Dalhousie, and university programs at King`s would be included in Dalhousie College of Arts and Sciences, in accordance with the agreement. [18] Currently, students from both higher education institutions can alternate between themselves during their study period. Despite common university programs and institutions, King`s College has its own scholarships, scholarships, athletic programs and university residencies. [56] The Office of Sustainability is leading a number of campus sustainable development plans and policies, including the climate change plan, the natural environment environmental plan and green building policy. A number of initiatives have been developed and implemented with campus partners, including numerous energy and water facilities, an Eco-Olympia residency competition, a employment sustainability leadership program and an Employee Bus Pass. The Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office encourages awareness and behavioural change. DSUSO organizes “Green Week,” Green Gala and Greenie Awards to honour the campus` achievements in sustainable development. A number of student societies are also active in the areas of sustainability, from campus gardening and food safety to environmental legislation. The University of King`s College is a post-secondary institution in Halifax, which is linked to Dalhousie. The institution`s campus is located next to the Dalhousie campus in Studley. Founded in 1789, it was the first post-secondary university in English-Canada and the oldest English-language university in the Commonwealth outside the United Kingdom. [18] The University of King`s College was an independent institution in Windsor, Nova Scotia, until 1920, when a fire ravaged its campus.

To continue the operation, the University of King`s College accepted a generous scholarship from the Carnegie Foundation, although the terms of the scholarship required her to move to Halifax and contact Dalhousie. [18] As part of the agreement, King agreed to pay the salaries of a number of Dalhousie professors who, in turn, were to assist in the management and academic life of the college.