Informatica Cloud Service Level Agreement

April 10, 2021 at 6:07 am

Due to the complexity of information offerings, the availability of customer support is essential. Customers can sign up for three levels of Information support: “As a bonus for product features, Xplenty offers excellent customer service. The team also goes above and beyond to work with us, to develop our data streams and answer all the questions we have about the product in their real-time chat system. When errors or feature requests are discussed, the support team works with us to find appropriate solutions and keeps us in the loop while the fixed feature is implemented. -Lally B. “Most new tools have a great cloud version where you can jump on a URL, do your job and deploy it in minutes. With Informatica, you always have multiple customer tools to be able to provide and monitor a single workflow while running. This can be both confusing and overwhelming for users. -IT Engineer- Xplenty combines a drag-and-drop interface with custom user support to enable every member of your organization to design sophisticated extraction, processing and load pipelines. It doesn`t matter if you`re a receptionist, financial accountant or economic analyst with no knowledge of programming. You can use Xplenty to connect virtually any data source to any destination, including the most popular databases, data warehouses and cloud data warehouses. Another important feature of Xplenty is its flat-rate pricing structure. Xplenty calculates a plan per take.

It is not calculated on the basis of data volume, and it is not calculated on the basis of the processing required to manage in-pipeline data transformations. This means that your bill stays exactly the same if your data volume or processing requirements are modulated for a month. Another cost advantage is that Xplenty works fully in the cloud, so no additional costs for the operation of the platform are related. All of this saves money and makes it much easier to budget for the ETL. “The [PowerCenter] tool is a bit complicated at start-up because it contains four different components… Understanding the functionality of each of these above components is first very difficult. Informatica requires a good level of SQL knowledge …