South Jersey Gas Service Agreement

October 8, 2021 at 5:31 pm

We want to be the trusted partner for all your HLK and sanitary service requirements. Whether your repair, replacement or regular maintenance installation is needed, our team is ready to take care of everything. We use the latest repair and testing devices in the industry and our highly trained staff can properly diagnose and repair your heating and cooling systems so that your family feels comfortable again. We offer all our services in Evesham Township, Winslow Township, Hammonton and nearby areas of New Jersey. Don`t wait until it`s too late. Even if you think your HLK system isn`t old enough for breakdowns, it`s time to protect your home and budget from costly repairs. It`s only when things go wrong that people understand the value of a service plan. SJESP offers a full range of air conditioning services by qualified technicians. If you want fast and reliable service, you`ve come to the right place. South Jersey Energy Service Plus is your one-stop solution for any HLK and plumbing problems you experience.

We are proud of the reputation we have gained over the years in the communities where we serve our fast and courteous service, the skills of our technicians and the quality of the repairs we carry out for our customers. There`s never a good time for your heating, cooling or plumbing systems to fail, and that`s why we give our customers the certainty that we`re there whenever they need us to help you. South Jersey Energy Service Plus (SJESP) is a leading company in the sanitation, heating and air conditioning sector of South Jersey. We offer first-class repair, exchange and maintenance services provided by highly qualified technicians. Whatever your HLK or plumbing requirements, our team of experts has a quality solution. As part of the credit application process, we will request a copy of your credit history. Loan authorization is based in part on your payment history for South Jersey Gas` electricity bills, and we ask you to submit a copy of an up-to-date electricity bill that counts the service address as well as gas and electricity consumption. If you do not have 12 months of South Jersey gas supply, the determination of credit authorization is based on your overall credit history.

Fortunately for most of our Comfort Plan customers, most of our service calls for heating, cooling and water heater were fully covered last year for our contract customers – with no deductibles or travel expenses. A repair plan for home service is a great way to protect your home from unexpected heating, cooling, or plumbing issues.