Totalization Agreement With Germany

December 18, 2020 at 11:00 pm

If you live in another country – with the exception of one country in the European Union or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland or one of the other countries with which Germany has signed a social security agreement – the same restrictions apply to sub-treaty countries. If you have accumulated periods of insurance in a country with which the Federal Republic of Germany does not have a social security contract, you must contact the relevant foreign insurance agency. Although the agreement between the United States and Germany authorizes the Social Security Administration to count your German loans to help you qualify for pension, disability or survival benefits in the United States, the agreement does not cover Medicare benefits. Therefore, we cannot count your credits in Germany to justify the right to free Medicare hospital insurance. Of course, you may also transfer the money to your own bank account in a country other than this one. In these cases, German pension insurance, in collaboration with Deutsche Post AG`s pension service, uses the most economical standardised payment methods and converts the pension into national currency. As in Germany or the other countries mentioned above, German pension insurance pays the transfer fee to the first bank you allow. It is not possible to pay bank fees, foreign exchange fees or foreign exchange losses that occur during the transfer. These must be paid for by the beneficiary.

If you have made your last German contribution to a regional pension fund (formerly the national social insurance agency – LVA), it is the regional pension fund that is responsible for the Member State or the contracting country: the employee-female benefits at the age of 60 with insurance coverage, including more than 10 years of insured work after the age of 40. It is therefore important to bear in mind that the Brexit agreement protects German pension insurance rights for the time being through the withdrawal agreement. The liaison bodies established under Article 16.2 of the agreement and the relevant agencies covered by Article 3, the second sentence, of this management agreement, with the participation of the competent authorities, agree in a common way on administrative measures, procedures and forms for the implementation of the agreement.